Medical Coding Credentials

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Medical Coding Credentials

There are two recognized credentialing organizations nationally recognized by the medical community, AHIMA and AAPC. Andrews School recommends to our students that they pursue both AHIMA CCS and AAPC’s CPC credentials. At a later date, additional certifications may be added, but aren’t necessary to a successful medical coding career.

AHIMA has the following certifications:

  • CCA (Certified Coding Associate)
  • CCS (Certified Coding Specialist)
  • CCS-P (Certified Coding Specialist-Physician-based)
  • CDIP (Certified Documentation Improvement Practitioner)
  • CHDA (Certified Health Data Analyst)
  • CHPS (Certified in Healthcare Privacy and Security)
  • CHTS (Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist)
  • CPHI (Certified Professional in Health Informatics)
  • RHIA (Registered Health Information Administrator)
  • RHIT (Registered Health Information Technician)
Please see AHIMA’s web site for descriptions of these credentials.

AHIMA’s Career Assist – Job Bank -

AHIMA Apprenticeship Program –

AAPC offers the following certifications:

  • CPC (Certified Professional Coder)
  • COC (Certified Outpatient Coder)
  • CIC (Certified Inpatient Coder)
  • CRC (Certified Risk Adjustment Coder)
  • CPB (Certified Professional Biller)
  • CPMA (Certified Professional Medical Auditor)
  • CDEO (Certified Documentation Expert – Outpatient)
  • CPPM (Certified Physician Practice Manager)
  • CPCO (Certified Professional Compliance Officer)

Please see AAPC’s web site for descriptions of these credentials.



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