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Job Search Instructions

Our goal is to open up some job resources to you and help you find the jobs that are not sent to paid advertising search engines or to find those jobs before they go to other searches.

We’ve put in a lot of time locating these career sources so you can put your time in actually applying. I can sure understand why it’s so difficult to find some of these. They are hidden on their web sites, possibly on purpose. You may have to search for ‘careers’ or ‘jobs’ or ‘job seekers’ or ‘join us ‘ or ‘join our team’ for example. It has taken us a lot of work to unbury some of them.

Teaching hospitals or medical schools with large university hospitals and clinics are a great way to start your career. While they do occasionally have remote opportunities, it’s a life-changing experience to be there in person if you can. You’ll also find more jobs available if you are able to work on-site.

The list for National Medical Coding Companies will have more remote opportunities than the other groups.

You are able to search by state and find jobs in your city as well as surrounding areas within your driving range. Don’t forget those national companies though because with some of those it doesn’t matter where you live. They hire medical coders from all across the country.

We’ll be working on our lists as an ongoing project, adding more hospitals, coding companies, practice management organizations, and clinics. We’ll also be removing some. If you run into a hospital that has closed, for example, let us know. There will be duplicates. You may want to pay special attention to those, because we kept looking at them again and again for a reason.

The search itself is already done for you in some cases. We’ve found that on most, the search term ‘coding’ brings up the most coding jobs. You can also experiment around to see if any are hiding in there under other terms, like coder or CCS or CPC, inpatient or outpatient for example. The more creative you are in your search, the better results you’ll have. If you are looking for a Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) position, put that in and search for it.

You’ll find some that say that no jobs are available for coders at the moment, but would you like to submit a resume anyway. If it is a place you’d like to work, submit your resume. There are also options to let them e-mail you as new job openings occur. Consider doing that.

Some don’t always have jobs available or may rarely have any medical coding jobs. It’s helpful in those cases just to know that a certain hospital in your area doesn’t have a coding job right now so you can put your job search efforts somewhere else.

The more work you put into this, the better results you’ll have.

Discussions: We will be providing guidance on our Facebook group, Medical Coding Forum. There will also be discussions on credentials, how to get jobs at veterans’ hospitals, etc., on our group as well as Medical Coders of America Resource Group, another Facebook group that we highly recommend for having excellent information.

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