System Requirements for the Andrews Medical Transcription Course

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System Requirements for the Andrews Medical Transcription Course

Books and materials for the medical transcription program are included in the cost of the course.

The software and materials we use in the course do come with a small number of system requirements that students' computers must be able to meet, as listed below. Please contact us before applying if you have any question about whether your system will meet the requirements. Most computer systems will work fine with our medical transcription program.

-Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 is required. Macintosh computers will work if they boot directly into Windows, such as with BootCamp.
-An optical drive of any type is required. CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray will all work without problem.
-One free USB port is required for the foot pedal that comes with the course materials.
-A minimum of 5GB hard drive space is required, 10GB or more is recommended.
-Headphones are required. Students who do not have headphones prior to enrolling may want to review discussions on our private student site about different styles and brands before purchasing a set. Students will need headphones within 2-3 weeks of their enrollment date. Speakers are not an acceptable alternative.

Additionally, there are a few things that are not required but many students like to use. A printer is not a requirement, as all assignments are submitted online, but you may wish to print some of your online assigned readings. External backup devices, such as external hard drives or USB thumb drives are recommended to minimize potential loss of work in case of virus or computer emergency. A word processor such as MS Word or a program suite such as MS Office are not required, although they can be used with the course materials. The CDs provided by the school contain a basic word processor that will meet the course requirements but does not work with expander programs or medical spellcheckers. Free downloadable programs such as Open Office or Libre Office will also work with your course materials.

Call us if you aren't sure whether your system will work or not. When you write to us, let us know if you heard about us from a medical transcription employer, one of our successful graduates, or an online search. 405-721-3555 or if you prefer to write.