Andrews School Screening Test (Coding)

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Andrews School Screening Test (Coding)

    Read all instructions carefully.
    Tests with incomplete name will not be evaluated.
    Proofread carefully before you submit your test.

    Your Medical Coding pre-enrollment test will be evaluated for your skills in following instructions. It is necessary for applicants to pass this test prior to enrollment. Those who receive a failing grade may request an opportunity to retest after a three-month period of time.

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    Do you live in the United States, Canada, or are you US Military stationed overseas?

    If you have answered 'yes', you may continue with the test.
    If your answer is 'no', we are unable to accept your test.

    Our course requires a minimum of 15 hours per week of study time. On average, how many hours each week will you be working on your studies?

    Please write a short paragraph about your goals for yourself and why you believe a medical coding course may be a good option for you at the present time. Include any relevant information about your past education and/or work experience.

    Please answer the following questions in the space below:

    How did you hear about The Andrews School?

    Are you considering any of our other courses? If so, which ones, and what factors are impacting your decision?