Our new medical coding and medical billing graduates often work at home. Our training focus is at the highest level. For coders, that means preparation for professional coding credentials, the CCS (AHIMA) and CPC (AAPC) certification exams. That is only one reason our courses are known for excellence in the healthcare industry.


Medical coding careers, particularly ICD-10-CM/PCS, are getting a huge amount of well-deserved attention. This is partly because medical coding jobs are often done remotely from home. Andrews students have the right options in place because we are flexible enough to adapt to whatever challenges our industry ...More

What A Medical Coder Does

People often confuse medical billing with coding or consider both the same career. They are two separate careers, usually done by different people in completely separate ...More


If you are considering a medical billing career, you are most likely searching for information about the outlook for medical billing careers as compared to other jobs in the healthcare industry. You may have heard that a job in billing and coding is a ...More

Where Do Medical Billers Work?

You can learn to be a medical biller from your own home, but what are the chances that you will find a medical billing job from home? Part of the answer to that question is in the quality of training. Most courses just don't teach enough ...More

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