Why those short, fast, easy “Introductory” courses can ruin your chance for the career you want.

Often we get e-mail and phone calls from discouraged people who have graduated from short, fast, easy, “Introductory” courses. They thought it would be a great idea to, as many state it, ‘dip my toes in the water’ to learn some of the basics. Unfortunately, those “Introductory” courses are a surefire way to destroy your career before you even get started.

By the time the discouraged student gets to us, they’ve already spent most of the time and some of the money they had available for training. At this point they are just asking me what they should do now. If they still have time, money, and emotional resources left, we have to start them from the beginning. We have to break poor habits they’ve picked up and build their study skills and self-confidence.

It really isn’t possible to ‘casually’ study for a career that requires graduates to take credentials exams and employer tests at a professional level. In order to be successful in medical coding, for example, you have to study at the professional level. A short, fast, casual approach puts you on the fast-track to failure.