How the Andrews School works.

Classes at The Andrews School of Medical Coding are set up a little differently than most students are used to from traditional education. You will be digging into the coding assignments usually within a week of receiving your books rather than working your way through prerequisite classes first. Now, you do still have other subjects, like medical terminology, but they won't be a separate class at Andrews. Students who already have some medical background are able to quickly get through those assignments, reviewing what they know and filling in a few holes of what they don’t already use frequently, before getting back to the coding assignments.

Students who have no medical background have the benefit of immediately seeing these subjects used in context, without going through a long cycle of memorizing and forgetting the information from the terminology before ever starting any coding. In both cases, it reduces the amount of time needed to spend on these non-coding subjects because the material is presented in context with the overall picture rather than a slog of information to get through before you start studying what you're really interested in.