Andrews School Online Medical Career Training Programs


Our new medical coding and medical transcription graduates often work at home. Our training focus is at the highest level. For coders, that means preparation for professional coding credentials, the CCS (AHIMA) and CPC (AAPC) certification exams. That is only one reason our courses are known for excellence in the healthcare industry.


One of the most relevant jobs in the healthcare field is that of Medical Billing and Reimbursement. ...More


The Andrews School has designed a program that uses the best and eliminates time-wasting “fluff” or filler classes. ...More


Why is The Andrews School considered by many to be the best online medical coding school? The number one goal of a quality medical coding program for serious students is the ability to pass difficult credentials exams. ...More

Medical Administrative Assistant

Prepare for advancement in the medical office by expanding your skills and knowledge. ...More

Andrews School Online Medical Career Training Programs

The Andrews School online medical career training programs are considered by many to be the best courses for online Medical Transcription and Medical Coding careers. Our newer online programs in Medical Billing and Medical Administrative Assistant, which by the way is not the same as the hands-on patient care job of a medical assistant, are already building an excellent reputation in the healthcare industry. Hospitals, clinics, medical billing services, medical insurance companies and other employers continue to recognize the value of hiring an Andrews graduate. Often they call to say they want more Andrews graduates, because they do better on employment tests and work better on the job than some experienced workers. We appreciate the fine healthcare employers who have graciously tested and hired our new graduates over the years.

Consider each of our courses and call us to discuss the best health care career option(s) for your specific situation.

Our proven track record of success is demonstrated by the success our graduates have had on certification exams. Two things make us stand out among other medical career training programs. Most courses teach at the introductory level. Our courses cover the material at the professional level required for credentials exams. Our programs teach students to do the work the way employers want it done.

Our professional-level training is focused on preparing medical coding students for CCS credentials, through an organization called AHIMA, and CPC certification through a different organization, called AAPC. Credentials for medical transcription students are available through certification with AHDI.

Many people talk about medical billing and coding as one entity. We see them as separate career tracks. While some medical billers do some medical coding, those are not usually medical coding jobs as professional or certified coding specialists. The Andrews School medical coding program includes ICD-10, the ICD-10-CM/PCS classification systems, as well as CPT and HCPCS.

There is a section on medical billing in our Medical Coding course so that our medical coding graduates will know what happens to the coding they've done once it leaves the coding or HIM department. Our coding graduates will also have medical billing skills they can use depending on the job market in their area after graduation.

The healthcare industry is changing dramatically. That's a very good thing for those interested in a medical office or healthcare career. This is the time to prepare so you will have the right skills and credentials in place at the right time. We believe that there will be additional need for qualified medical coders, medical billers, and medical administrative assistants.

There will be continued need for medical transcriptionists, but not always the traditional medical transcription we've all come to know in the past. There are still some great "traditional medical transcription" jobs for those who have excellent transcription skills, but many employers have gone to MT editors rather than classic transcription. Due to the fact that MTs work "on production", getting paid by the line, the job has pressure to get more work done in order to make an acceptable income. Often our medical transcription graduates write or call me to say that the course and their medical transcription career have been a blessing to their families. I expect that to continue to be the case in some situations. It's hard work though, with the pressure of deadlines and turnaround times for the dictation that must be transcribed. Be aware of that.

We're each different. The ideal course for one person will not be the right career choice for another. Call me for a frank discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of each of these career choices.

If working at home is a career goal for you, consider both our medical coding and medical transcription courses. These are healthcare careers that can be done as remote jobs, from home. Many of our new graduates are working from home on their first jobs after graduation from The Andrews School. The key is in the level of training required to work independently, without anyone looking over your shoulder telling you what to do next. Our courses teach to the professional level required for the highest certification exams. This truly increases your marketability, the number of job options that will be available to you. You can do it! We are here to help you meet the career goals you have set for yourself, one step at a time.

The Andrews School offers an online education with a flexible schedule for students throughout the country. We have a proven track-record for success. Our courses are known for excellence in the healthcare industry.

The Andrews School uses a distance learning program where you can study from the comfort of your own home, getting the most from your investment of time and effort. We teach what you need to know to do the job the way physicians and medical office managers want it done. You can fit your studies into your busy schedule without having to leave home. You don't have to worry about bad weather, scheduling, child care, or parking spaces.

You can become an important part of the medical office team.

Our programs in the allied health field carefully balance knowledge of medical science, technical skills and practical experience with assessment and evaluation by professional instructors who care about your success. Classes are available by a combination of offline materials, email, class discussion boards and online tests. We designed our innovative educational programs to be flexible enough to meet the needs of our students as we address the ever-growing demand for skilled and effective healthcare personnel across the nation.

The Andrews School online medical office training programs began in 1989. Graduates of our courses in Medical Transcription, Medical Coding, and Medical Administrative Assistant training continue to excel. Those graduates and the employers who hire them have helped build our reputation for online career training expertise. Our course options now include Medical Billing and ICD-10-CM/PCS Transition, an upgrade course for coders transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Online training or "distance learning" makes it possible for students to work from home, learning online without having to attend class at any specific time. There are no lecture-stye classes to attend. The programs are designed to be as close to the on-the-job experience as possible.

Professional-level textbooks and materials are included in the cost of each program.

For more information about medical transcription, medical coding, or any of our other course selections, contact us any time without fear of being pressured. We have no commissioned sales team. You won't have to worry about annoying phone calls or e-mail.

We are available at your convenience to answer your questions and help guide you toward the right course for your specific needs, even if it isn't ours. Please call us at 405-721-3555 or write for more information.