Our new medical coding and medical transcription graduates often work at home. Our training focus is at the highest level. For coders, that means preparation for professional coding credentials, the CCS (AHIMA) and CPC (AAPC) certification exams. That is only one reason our courses are known for excellence in the healthcare industry.


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Medical Administrative Assistant

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Andrews School Online Medical Career Training Programs

We are pleased to work with the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account program (MyCAA). Students wishing to apply to the Transcription course through the MyCAA program will need to register with MyCAA first before taking the pre-enrollment test and applying to The Andrews School. You will be asked to supply some information about the school to MyCAA. Below is a checklist of the information you will need.

-The course number is MT1990.
-The government cost is $2,272.00.
-The spouse cost is $1,528.00. Note that this will be a monthly payment of $64.00 due each month beginning one month from your enrollment date.
-The total cost is $3,800.00.
- For your enrollment date, chose a date between 2-4 weeks after the date you fill out MyCAA's form.
-Your end date will be exactly one year after your selected enrollment date.
Once you receive your approval from MyCAA to begin the course, you will need to print out the approval letter and send it to the school along with the Medical Transcription Enrollment Agreement located on the How To Apply page. We are not able to ship to an APO address, so if you are stationed overseas and are unable to provide a non-APO physical address, you will need to provide the address of a friend or family member in the US who has agreed to forward your shipment on to you.

Call or write us if you need help. When you do, let us know if you heard about us from a medical transcription employer, one of our successful graduates, or an online search. 405-721-3555 or if you prefer to write.